Along with 50 bands, workshops, film premieres, the banjo toss and more – don’t miss the great food at the Brooklyn Folk Festival this year.

Violeta Palchik, a folklorist studying foodways, has brought together a great group chefs from Brooklyn’s amazing cooking traditions.

Some of our food selections this year include:
Makina Café (Ethiopian/Eritrean Food)
Chef Eden Egziabher

Born in Ethiopia from parents of Eritrean descent, Makina Café founder Eden G. Egziabher was raised amidst a vibrant mix of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Italian cultures. It’s no coincidence that “Makina” translates to “truck” in all three of these countries’ languages. Eden prides herself on being the first Eritrean-American female entrepreneur in NYC with a food truck serving “Habesha” food. Used as a term of pride, the word “Habesha” is used to eliminate the distinction between different tribes of Eritrea and Ethiopia and celebrates the unity of people of the same region.

Menu: Injera, Yellow Rice, Chicken Tibs, Beef Tibs, Lentils, and Veggies

Rita (Fresh Modern American Food)
Chef Mary Ellen Amato

Rita is a woman-owned all-day cafe located in Red Hook, Brooklyn known for serving up thoughtful, modernized takes on classic breakfast and lunch staples.

Menu: Sandwiches, Salads, Pimenton-Miso Popcorn, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hibiscus Agua Fresca

Chef Kara Lewis (Classic American Desserts)

Kara Lewis spent her career honing her skills at various Brooklyn establishments before working her way to Chef de Cuisine at beloved Red Hook staple, The Good Fork, where she learned to play with food in unique and whimsical ways. She loves to make classic American desserts with a unique twist.

Menu: S’mores brownies, cookies, treat bars, and cakes

Polka Dot Café (Polish Comfort Food)

The history of Greenpoint is a colorful one.  It is fondly nicknamed “Little Poland”, and rightfully so because for generations, it has been the bedrock of Polish immigrants & Polish-American families.  As with any neighborhood, change is a constant.  We at Polka Dot want to preserve and share that old world flavor through our food… heart-warming no-nonsense good food from the old country.  Enjoy!

Menu: Pierogis, Croquets, Meat, and Veggies.