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The Banjo Toss: Banjo Throwing Competition replicates in digital format the signature absurd contest of the Brooklyn Folk Festival, held annually on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, a federally designated superfund site. Players get 10 chances to rack up points by hurling the special throwing banjo as far as they can into the canal. Watch out for the Gowanusaurus! and don’t forget to aim for the water!

Whomever gets the high score in the video game during the week of the festival (with screenshot to prove it) gets a free banjo mailed to them or the friend / enemy of their choice!

How to Win: Post a screenshot of your highest score on the social media giant of your choice: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #banjotossvideogame and also tag the Brooklyn Folk Fest (Facebook: @BrooklynFolkFestival Twitter/Instagram @BklynFolkFest ).

Contest begins on Monday, Nov. 8th
Contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday, Nov. 14th 


Game Design and Development: John Bruneau
Banjo Modeling: Roman Sharf
Announcer: Geoff Wiley
Title Graphics: Sean Riley
Producer & Banjo Sounds: Eli Smith
Music: Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues & The Whiskey Spitters, courtesy of Jalopy Records.

The Banjo Toss: Banjo Throwing Competition was commissioned by Jalopy Records for the 2020 Brooklyn Folk Festival.

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